UAI Updates

  • Save The Date | Inhumanity in Tigray and beyond: Context and responsibilities. What can be done?
    Since the end of 2020, appalling atrocities are being committed against civilians in the Ethiopian region of Tigray and beyond.
  • Afghanistan: The inhumanity must end
    United Against Inhumanity’ (UAI) official statement on the situation in Afghanistan, where after 40 years of war and foreign military intervention, armed conflict has surged in recent months with a dramatic increase in civilian casualties.
  • UAI-June 2021 Newsletter
    For the occasion of this year’s world refugee day, this newsletter focuses on refugee issues, with contributions by Jeff Crisp, Sarah Hammerl, and others.
  • “Urgently needed: a spirit of solidarity and collective action” Update – May 2020
    On March 25, UAI issued a statement calling for immediate actions, in a spirit of solidarity, to address the unprecedented risks posed by Covid-19 threats to humanity at large. UAI believes that the virus can
  • What happens after the Covid-19 pandemic ends?
    UAI published on 20 April, a blog by UAI co-founder and IEC member Antonio Donini on Post-pandemic change? Humanitarian action and multilateralism in transnational times. While his views are personal, he raises important questions about
  • Annual General Assembly
    The International Executive Committee (IEC) has fixed the date of UAI’s Annual General Assembly for 16 June 2020. Active and Founding Members will be presented with the yearly financial and activity reports. They will also
  • Syria advocacy
    Over the past few months, UAI has been increasingly concerned by the tragedy unfolding in northern Syria and in particular in the shrinking pocket of Idlib province where hundreds of thousands of civilians are trapped
  • UAI in the UK update
    A report on UAI in the UK’s “Where is humanity? The human costs of detaining asylum-seekers” (25 February) event is available here and on-the-day presentations can be downloaded below: Download Dr Helia Lopez Zarzosa’s paper “Immigration
  • 2020 – the year of inhumanity rebellion?
    As we enter the third decade of the third millennium tumultuous change – political, technological, economic, social and cultural – is re-shaping our world. Change, for many, means more opportunities and advantageous living conditions than before
  • Update, one year on
    As United Against Inhumanity (UAI) approaches the first anniversary of its founding, we highlight in this Update some of our main initiatives. See below. At UAI we simply refuse that deliberate attacks against civilians in
  • Common Article 1 (CA1)
    In August, UAI posted “If we do not act we are all complicit”, a paper that sets out the obligation of all parties to the Geneva Conventions to “respect and ensure respect” of core humanitarian
  • Asylum is not a crime!
    Increasingly in Europe, the actions of NGOs and individuals who rescue, assist and advocate on behalf of survivors, have brought both public and political attention to the scenes of humanitarian and civic action around asylum
  • Refugees, Activists and Humanitarians – all criminals?
    At various occasions, UAI affiliates in London, Berlin and Rome discussed the findings and implications of Sarah Hammerl’s report “Asylum Criminalisation in Europe and its Humanitarian Implications”, commissioned and published by UAI in May 2019. On
  • News from Italy
    After an incubation period during which a number of preparatory meetings were held, UAI in Italy has been formally established. This coincided with a first public event on 18 June 2019 at the Foreign Correspondents
  • News from the UK
    UAI in the UK becomes an Association On 12 June 2019, 30 founding members came together to set up the United Against Inhumanity Association in the United Kingdom – UAI in the UK. Members adopted
  • Independent Humanitarian Watch (IHW)
    As mentioned in the last UAI Update, preliminary work on the establishment of an IHW is continuing. Thanks to the support and a small amount of funding from the University of Edinburgh, a scoping and
  • Update – January 2019
    Photo credits: ICRC/PAPARDEKAS, STYLIANOS/V-P-GR-E-00082/2017 Fylakio, pre-removal center. Introduction UAI continues to make steady progress as it consolidates gains made to-date and moves forward with immediate priorities including the mobilization of resources to give effect to
  • Update – October 2018
    Since our last Update in July, the UAI core team has been busy on a number of fronts. You will find below a summary of the activities we have organised or participated in. As you