Blogs and interviews: ideas and inputs needed!

UAI is keen to engage UAI supporters in the production of blogs/opinion pieces concerned with challenging war-related atrocity and inhumanity associated with the erosion of the global asylum regime. 

We consider blogs a useful way of generating and facilitating discussion and dialogue around key areas of UAIs concern and invite anyone interested to get in touch with Norah Niland and Sarah Hammerl on a blog you wish to write for UAI, which will be posted on our website. 

In April, UAI in the UK conducted an interview with Avril Loveless on the work of the Gatwick Detainee Welfare Group (GDWG) to improve the difficult, indefinite detention conditions of asylum seekers. This prompted a discussion among IEC members on the idea of conducting interviews with local organisations engaged in activities which challenge inhumanities in different corners of the world. For the next few months, we wish to pilot this idea as there is value in highlighting the experience and insights of groups engaged in assisting asylum seekers/refugees, or in efforts that challenge or work to mitigate the harm of contemporary warfare on civilians. 

We have not, as yet, developed a formal protocol for such interviews but Avril Loveless’s interview provides useful ideas. Thus, if you wish to undertake an interview with an organisation in your neighbourhood or wish to have your organisation interviewed by UAI, please contact UAI’s Interview team, Norah and Sarah.