Frozen funds updates and news

Find here general updates and news on the frozen Afghan funds.

What will happen to Afghanistan’s frozen funds? Geneva Solutions, December 2022

Sanctions on Afghanistan: Morally reprehensible and politically irresponsible Investment Monitor, October 2022

A Year After the Fall of Kabul August 2022

Judge Recommends Rejecting Bid by Sept. 11 Families to Seize Frozen Afghan Funds New York Times, August 2022

Western disengagement will turn Afghanistan into a pariah state The Diplomat, August 2022

71 economists write letter to President Biden calling for the release of the frozen Afghan funds August 2022.

International economists ask Biden to release Afghan central bank funds Reuters, August 2022.

Unfreeze Afghan assets or more hungry children may die The New Humanitarian, August 2022.

To end ‘hell on earth’ the US must free Afghanistan’s $7bn reserves Open Democracy, July 2022.

The West Is Getting Afghanistan Wrong, Again The National Interest, June 2022.

The challenges of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan Atlas of Wars, June 2022.

Tough Sanctions against Taliban Undermine Right to Food The Broker, May 2022.

How to guarantee humanitarian aid to the Afghan people after August 2021? Emergency, May 2022.

Update on UAI Campaign “Frozen Funds, Desperate Afghans”. UAI, May 2022.

Afghans Urge Court Not to Give Frozen Central Bank Assets to Sept. 11 Families. The New York Times, May 2022.

Afghanistan: Economic warfare displaces armed conflict as the core threat to survival – by Antonio Donini. Atlas of Wars, April 2022. 

Afghanistan: UN experts call on US Government to unblock foreign assets of central bank to ease humanitarian impact. OHCHR, April 2022.

How America is causing famine in Afghanistan. The Gravel Institute, March 2022. 

Afghanistan needs compassion from world leaders, not politics – Letter. The Guardian, March 2022.

The Taliban is holding girls’ education hostage in Afghanistan – the question is, why? The Conversation, March 2022. 

The Guardian view on Afghanistan: It isn’t just the Taliban – Editorial. March 2022. 

Letter from the families of 9/11 victims March 2022.

Time running out to address Afghanistan’s hunger crisis. Human Rights Watch, March 2022. 

Frozen Afghan funds: The need for urgent UN Security Council Action. Global Geneva, March 2022.

Afghanistan: Fighting to de-freeze the assets. Atlas of Wars, March 2022. 

Barely above water: Challenges of national and local NGOs navigating humanitarian space in the new Afghan context. ACBAR, March 2022. 

Ex-diplomats, aid workers demand US / EU end “reprehensible” seizure of Afghan funds. Wall Street Window, March 2022.

Irish MEP Clare Daly speech on the lack of media coverage on Afghanistan. March 2022. 

Between a rock and a hard place – Multifaceted challenges of responders dealing with Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis. A Report on the Perspectives of National NGOs. ICVA, February 2022.

Life and Death: NGO Access to Financial Services in Afghanistan that explores the consequences of the collapse of the banking system. NRC, January 2022. 

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