Asylum and Forced Displacement

What’s the problem?

War drives people from their homes. People also flee to escape threats of constant violence, and
oppression. Although precise numbers are hard to collect, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees
(UNHCR)estimated in 2018 that the total number of people uprooted against their will reached a
record 68.5 million. With current trends in international relations, the arms trade, and climate change, this number is only likely to increase. International institutions designed to provide protection to human lives have become ineffective. Most of the world´s governments disregard their legal responsibilities towards people who have nowhere else to go.

Why is UAI concerned?

We are concerned that the norms and standards adopted after World War II to make the world a safer place for everyone in need of refuge are being routinely violated. The erosion of the global asylum regime, including the criminalization of people, seeking asylum and safety, and those who assist them, is an alarming trend. It imperils the lives of people obliged to flee their homes to be free of persecution and other deadly threats. UAI’s goal is for refugees and asylum seekers to find the safety, help and protection they need for a peaceful and dignified life.

United Against Inhumanity (UAI) publishes reports, factsheets, interviews, and opinion pieces that
analyse forced displacement and its consequences from various angles. We examine criminalization trends and civic activism, pushbacks, and detention. We explore the role of international frameworks and institutions designed to protect those forcibly displaced by armed conflict. We argue that the inhumanities of forced displacement need to be addressed on political, economic, socio-cultural, psychological levels and by various actors ranging from policymakers, through legislators to the wider community.

Engagement with affected communities

Communities and people affected by the inhumanities of war and the asylum process must have the opportunity to have their voices heard. UAI aims to support communities to tell their stories.

What are we trying to achieve?

We aim to:

  • advocate for policies and laws to ensure effective protection of those forcibly displaced, 
  • Hold those accountable who are responsible for crimes committed against refugees and people seeking asylum
  • Challenge deterrence policies and discriminatory and inhumane practices in countries where people forced to flee transit or arrive. 
  • Build a network of actors to support humane and sustainable approaches to forced displacement.

Our Campaigns

We are convinced that a combination of sustained international advocacy work and campaigning,
based on a network of civil society organisations, academics, diaspora groups, artists and committed individuals will lead to stronger public engagement pressing for political change. Together with supporters and partners UAI seeks to foster exchange and collaboration globally to bring inhumane treatment of victims and survivors of conflicts and forced displacement to the attention of the public and political decision-makers.

How to get involved

If you wish to become engaged, please write to: .

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