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 This week’s reports of attacks on civilians in Idlib province in Syria remind us of the urgency and importance of the United Against Inhumanity (UAI) movement. But, in addition to the stories in the news, we are equally concerned by the low-profile emergencies which generate atrocities and inhumanities that are far too often ignored. Desperate refugees from Cameroon seeking asylum in the Americas, displaced people in South Sudan and Yemen facing the daily threat of violence and terrible food shortages, children separated from their parents on the US-Mexico border, and asylum-seekers on Greek islands detained in squalid conditions, while others are detained for months on end here in the UK – just a few examples of the inhumanities confronting the victims of today’s wars.

At UAI in the UK, we are committed to shining lights on these inhumanities and focusing the attention of policy-makers on ways of bringing them to an end.

UAI’s Call to Action, to which we are all committed, reminds us that we have promised not to sit back and allow atrocities committed against civilians in war and as they seek asylum to become normalised.
Keeping the UAI movement growing will require a lot of hard work. This brief round-up of initiatives by UAI in the UK looks back over 2019 and forward into 2020.

Looking back at 2019

In response to the founding of UAI and the adoption of its Call to Action in October 2018, an organising group of activists in the UK held three open meetings in January, February and March 2019 in London, in collaboration with Initiatives of Change (IofC), to explore ways in which a UK-based group could best promote the objectives of UAI.

On 12 June 2019, 30 founding members of UAI in the UK came together to inaugurate the UK branch of UAI. The members elected a Committee of 12. Since then, the Committee has been working on a programme of activities to promote UAI’s goals. Committee members represented UAI in the UK at several events organised by like-minded groups, and, on 11 December, Vice-Chair Lul Seyoum and Committee member Amina Khalid led the UAI participation in an event at I of C to commemorate Human Rights Day.

The Committee of UAI in the UK thanks all members and supporters for their participation in the UAI movement and expresses the hope that the victims of today’s wars will find some relief, peace and
hope in 2020.

Wishing you a peaceful 2020,

The Committee of UAI in the UK

Martin Barber (Chair), Saba Al Mubaslat (Vice-Chair), Mark Bowden (Vice-Chair), Lul  Seyoum (Vice-Chair), Gill Grunwald (Treasurer), Randolph Kent, Amina Khalid, Helia Lopez, Mona Mahmood, Michael Mosselmans, Sara Palacios Arapiles, Kama Petruczenko.

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