What happens after the Covid-19 pandemic ends?

UAI published on 20 April, a blog by UAI co-founder and IEC member Antonio Donini on Post-pandemic change? Humanitarian action and multilateralism in transnational times. While his views are personal, he raises important questions about what lies ahead for the most vulnerable. Will the shock of the pandemic be sufficient to jolt the international system into action to address issues such as climate change and migration that are beyond the capacity of single states to address, or will the old order claw its way back? Will citizen movements be able to influence recovery programmes in ways that secure more justice for those at the margins, or will they result in more surveillance and unfreedoms?  Too early to tell, but it is not too early to reflect. The blog has spread widely and has been picked up by platforms such as Aidnography and the International Humanitarian Studies Association website. We are discussing further action and policy research on these issues with various groups and think tanks, including ODI in London. UAI invites further comments and contributions to this important debate do not hesitate to share your ideas with us.

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