How Covid-19 Impacted Humanitarian Action!

UAI welcomes the new issue of Alternatives Humanitaires/Humanitarian Alternatives which is focused on the impact of Covid-19 on humanitarian action. You can read it here.

This new issue contains a number of interesting articles which are relevant to UAI’s work. Norah Niland of UAI writes about the counter-productive use of the “war” metaphor in the fight against the new Corona virus and how this clouds our vision of the multifaceted nature of the crisis and the terrible price paid by civilians in war settings.  Michiel Hofman of MSF reflects on the difficulty of implementing a health response in war zones especially in a context where States are mistrusted, where non-state armed groups increase hostilities and where humanitarian actors must deal with travel restrictions and supply shortages among other challenges. Another article compares Covid 19 to the ongoing pandemic of neoliberalism and argues that a vaccine against the latter is also urgently needed.  All articles are open source and available in English and French.

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