Lebanon, where the Humanitarian Vultures Descended

“The Lebanon that was hit by a major explosion that affected 300,000 people in its capital on August 4, is a product of decades of war, sectarianism and corruption that was fueled and abetted by regional and global powers. Khaled Mansour argues that the UN and other aid agencies which are now clamoring for funds and describing the Lebanese situation as a humanitarian crisis are obfuscating reality and indirectly helping the corrupt and incompetent regime they will work with to bring aid into the country.


This modus operandi is primarily fed by a global system that is unable and unwilling to deal with the political drivers of the catastrophes they intervene in. The underlying political and economic causes remain untouched, while the ruling corrupt and failing regimes and the chaotic conditions they engender continue to prevail. The political class and their cronies also directly benefit from contracts and jobs with these agencies.”

You can read the full piece on Mada Masr or at Khaled’s blog at:
Photo: UNIFIL peacekeepers carry out an assessment of the damages in the Beirut Port. 5 August 2020. 
Credit © UN Photo/Pasqual Gorriz

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