Ukraine – Note on Resources

Anti-war photo
Photo: Demonstration in support of Ukraine at the Tartu Town Hall Square, Estonia, on February 26th 2022. Mana Kasik. Creative Commons License

Ways to Help Ukraine


  • Organisations to donate to
  • Letter to send to your MP or Government Representative

Organisations to donate to (local & international):


  • The Ukrainian Red Cross: Aid & Medical Supplies, Family Reunification and Missing People Ukranian Red Cross


  • International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC
  • International Organisation for Migration IOM
  • International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres MSF
  • Norwegian Refugee Council NRC
  • UN High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR
  • UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA

Letter to Members of Parliament and National Representatives

How to find your Member of Parliament or Representative.

Details of your local/government representatives are available online and can be found using the links below.

Letter template to use when writing to your representative

Dear …………………………

I am a resident of ………………………… , grievously concerned about the situation in Ukraine. Russia and Belarus have launched attacks that have already resulted in civilian casualties that blatantly violate International Law.

In the light of these severe violations, and given Russia’s bleak track record of failing to protect civilian lives in the conflicts in which it has been involved in recent years (the Central African Republic, Chechnya, Libya, Syria and elsewhere) I would like to make an appeal to my elected representatives to do their utmost to ensure that the rights of non-combatants are respected during these extraordinary times.

As part of these efforts, I believe that our elected representatives should plan on how to implement the following measures in response to the situation:

  • In consultation with the UN, introduce an independent, international investigative mechanism to record breaches of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) by any of the military forces involved in the conflict, so that perpetrators may be prosecuted.
  • Work with the media and social media platforms to ensure that they are not used to propagate hate speech, and to denounce and block the circulation of disinformation.
  • The government should organise a humanitarian plan to meet the needs of conflict-affected citizens. A comprehensive plan should be prepared in response to a potential influx of refugees.
  • The government should create a framework for an ‘atrocity prevention’ strategy, in consultation with civilian protection advocates and human rights experts, including Protection Approaches (Home Page)
  • The government should take every opportunity to bring up the matter of civilian protection and human rights in Ukraine in international forums of which it is a member

As the conflict intensifies, we need to act immediately to avoid the worst and show our solidarity with the people living in Ukraine, whose lives are in harm’s way. I am looking forward to seeing what your response will be in the hope that you will stand on the side of humanity on this matter.

Kind regards,


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