Address to UAI General Assembly – By Lul Seyoum [Video]

These are the closing remarks by Lul Seyoum of United Against Inhumanity (UAI) in the UK and ICERAS (International Centre for Eritrean Refugees & Asylum Seekers) to the 2023 General Assembly of UAI on 6 July 2023.

Lul is introduced by Jean-Baptiste Richardier, member of the International Executive Committee of UAI and Co-Founder of Handicap International.

Lul begs people to remember the refugees from the many countries around the world where there is war and suffering and calls on the young to pick up the torch lit by the founders of UAI.

The speech followed a comprehensive description of the deteriorating situation in Sudan by Dame Rosalind Marsden (former EU Special Representative to Sudan).

Lul is founder and executive director of International Centre for Eritrean Refugees and Asylum Seekers – ICERAS.

To positively impact the lives of her clients, she partners with Initiatives of Change -IofC and hosts training sessions on dialogue facilitation trust building, reconciliation, emotional intelligence, leadership and capacity building programmes for women and emerging leaders.

Lul’s professional experiences spans over 20 years in Trade and Emerging Market Investments. Lul is passionate about human rights, gender equality and contributing to positive change. More recently her efforts have been focused on the plight of refugees in their exodus from their country of origin and transit.

She works with a range of NGOs and organisations such as UNHCR, IOM, MSF, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Refugees Deeply, ICRC, World Vision to raise awareness of the causes surrounding these forced mass migrations.

Lul supports United Against Inhumanity in its mission to give a voice to those who have suffered the inhumanity of war and forced displacement and those who struggle for a chance to re-build their lives in dignity and full enjoyment of their rights.

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