Campaign Demands: Stop the Inhumanity at Europe’s Borders (Video Reports)

On 30 January 2024, in the historic Methodist Central Hall Westminster, where the United Nations met for the first time in 1946, campaigners from 85 civil society organisations* called on European governments to ‘Stop the Inhumanity at Europe’s Borders’. See the video report and the narrative report below. On the same day activists in Geneva gathered to launch the campaign in Geneva, see the pictures at the bottom of this page.

Stop the Inhumanity at Europe’s Borders – Campaign Launch – London 2024

Enver Solomon, CEO of the Refugee Council UK denounced the treatment being suffered by people seeking asylum in Europe, at the hands of agents of European states.

Activists for refugee rights from Afghanistan, from the organisations Refugees in Libya and the International Centre for Eritrean Refugees and Asylum-Seekers were joined by speakers from Forum réfugiés (France), EMERGENCY Worldwide (Italy). All urged the audience in Central Hall and around the world to join the campaign, spread the message, and demand that humanity should replace brutality in the treatment of people seeking asylum.

On behalf of United Against Inhumanity (UAI), Jean-Baptiste Richardier issued a clarion call to pursue the campaign until its demands are met.

Dr Jeff Crisp set out the seven demands of the campaign – Stop Pushbacks; End Deterrence by Death in the Mediterranean and at land borders; Humane borders, where all arrivals are treated with respect and dignity; Safe Routes, offering real chances for persecuted families to find safety and opportunity; Justice and Compensation for victims of state abuse; an end to ‘Externalisation’, where countries try to outsource their obligations under international law; to countries on other continents; and a complete overhaul of Frontex, the agency of the European Union. The video of his presentation is available below.

Campaign Presentation – Stop The Inhumanity at Europe’s Borders

Lord Dubs, a veteran British campaigner for refugee rights, and himself a refugee on the Kindertransport, called for respect for the international law that guarantees the right to seek asylum. He was interviewed by Celester Schorlemer, from the United Against Inhumanity International Executive Committee. You can view this interview below.

Interview with Lord Alf Dubs, by Celestine Schorlemer

Geneva Launch

On 30th January, hours after the campaign launch event in London, a few dozen civil society and other activists from UAI, HI and fellow campaigners gathered at the “Broken Chair” sculpture on Place des Nations in Geneva and mingled with commuters and tourists distributing flyers to explain the purpose of the “STOP the Inhumanity at Europe’s Borders” banner.

To donate to the campaign, click here.

To find out more, go to the campaign website.

To join the campaign, any civil society organisation can do so by filling out this form.

*On 19 February 2024, the number of signatory organisations reached 100, with the support of Shabaka, a diaspora-led organisation supporting refugees and migrants throughout their journeys.

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