Press release: Civil society presents a Collective Demand to European governments

More than 100 civil society organizations have signed a letter addressed to European Governments and institutions, insisting that they stop the inhumanity with which refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants are treated as they make their way to the continent.

The Collective Demand presented by these organizations calls on the governments of Europe to act with humanity and to respect the dignity of people on the move, irrespective of their nationality and legal status, in accordance with states’ obligations under international refugee, human rights and maritime law. 

Far too often, these people are abused, insulted, detained and deported, and in some cases placed in mortal danger on land and at sea. This must stop.

The letter marks the beginning of an extended campaign, supported by a wide range of civil society associations, refugee and migrant-led organizations, and NGOs across the whole of Europe and beyond.

To end the inhumanity at Europe’s borders, the Collective Demand presented to governments requires seven specific actions to be taken:

  • Stop the brutal pushbacks that cost lives,
  • End ‘Deterrence by Death’ that criminalises rescue efforts at sea and on land,
  • Treat people with humanity and respect at all borders, whatever the circumstances,
  • Offer safe routes for people in danger to reach safety,
  • Provide justice and compensation to those who have been treated with brutality,
  • Abandon efforts by European states to incentivize poorer and less powerful countries to undertake restrictive border control, containment and asylum processing functions,
  • Reform the EU’s abusive Frontex organisation.

‘Stop the Inhumanity at Europe’s borders!’ is coordinated by United Against Inhumanity, an independent advocacy organization established by a group of experienced humanitarians. It relies almost entirely on volunteers.

For further information about the campaign, please write to or visit the campaign webpage.

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