“Stories in Motion”: a report by Sciences Po Refugee Help Menton on the lack of humanity at the Italian-French Border.

We are pleased to share the compelling report “Stories in Motion,” published by the students of Sciences Po Refugee Help Menton, and to disseminate this exceptional piece of research, which delves into the harsh realities faced by refugees at the Italian-French border.

This report offers an in-depth examination of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in one of Europe’s most picturesque regions. The students’ research highlights the severe conditions and systemic challenges encountered by asylum seekers and other people on the move, shedding light on the often-overlooked cruelty experienced by those seeking safety and a better life.

We invite everyone to read and share this vital report to raise awareness and drive change. By bringing attention to these urgent issues, we hope to contribute to a more humane and just approach to migration and asylum policies.

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