Asylum Criminalisation Group

As part of a broader effort to expand and strengthen action and networks on ‘Decriminalising Asylum’, UAI held an online meeting on Monday 27 April to review the evolving asylum situation, including in the context of Covid19, and UAI’s role in challenging the inhumanity that characterises asylum procedures. The next scheduled online meeting (end May 2020), is set to focus on the changes needed in policies and laws that undermine the protection of those who are forcibly displaced. The objective is to challenge deterrence policies as well as the consequences of discriminatory and inhumane asylum practices, while promoting joint action. If you wish to join this group – and active engagement is encouraged – please contact us on asylum@against-inhumanity.org

UAI in the UK is part of UAIs international network responding to the alarming rise in efforts by some European governments to criminalise asylum-seekers and the people who assist them. An event, now being organised in collaboration with ODI in London, is set to explore the latest research and advocacy on this issue, and engage members of ODIs extensive network in advocacy activities. The event is tentatively scheduled to take place in July.