UAI urges UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt to act urgently to stop attacks on civilians in armed conflicts

United Against Inhumanity (UAI) has written to UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt to press him to take urgent action to stop the deliberate targeting of civilians in hospitals, schools and homes in the war in Syria. Read letter here. Recent reports speak once again of deliberate targeting of civilians and of relief workers trying to assist the injured.

Martin Barber, Chair of UAI in the UK, said, “We will not sit back and allow civilians to be targeted deliberately in Syria and other wars in the region. Callous inhumanity towards civilians has become normalised in these conflicts. We are witnessing gross and persistent violations of international humanitarian norms which the British and other governments have pledged to uphold. Action is needed now to stop these atrocities and to bring the perpetrators to account.”

United Against Inhumanity (UAI) is a growing global movement of individuals and groups outraged by the atrocities of war. We will not sit back and accept the appalling suffering of civilians, or the policies and practices that stop children, women and men fleeing today’s armed conflicts from reaching safety.

UAI’s mission is to encourage civil society to challenge warring parties, their sponsors, governments and international organisations, by initiating and facilitating local, regional and international joint action. We cannot accept that indiscriminate war and forced displacements have become normalised in our world.

To read the letter click here.

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