Reflections on famine crime, global war and activism

At a recent workshop on starvation crimes organised by Alex de Waal from World Peace Foundation (WPF) and Global Rights Compliance (GRC), Mark Duffield gave a stimulating talk on “counter humanitarian war” and new openings for humanitarian activism. Mark’s thought-provoking talk rang an important chord for UAI in relation to citizen mobilisation. As you will see, he ends his talk with a call for a new era of humanitarian activism in support of the struggle for social justice.

A blog based on his talk can be found here:

Reflections on Famine Crime, Global War and Activism (WPF)

Your comments and suggestions on his perspectives are welcome below!

The same website also features an interesting blog by Alex de Waal on mass starvation and world peace.

Photo caption/credit: Global Climate Action © Gilang Kharisma, Survival Media Agency

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