Asylum criminalisation

In 2019, UAI groups in Berlin, London and Rome organised a series of events addressing the criminalisation of asylum seekers and those assisting them in Europe. By highlighting the EU’s restrictive policies towards migration and the growing trend among politicians and parts of the population to discriminate against asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in several European countries, UAI seeks to raise awareness of the inhumane consequences of this approach.

We are convinced that a combination of sustained international advocacy work and campaigning, based on a network of civil society organisations, journalists, academics, diaspora groups, artists and committed individuals will lead to stronger public engagement pressing for political change of the current situation. Together with supporters and partners UAI will bridge diverse perspectives and foster exchange and collaboration of different initiatives so as to bring inhumane treatment of victims and survivors of conflicts and forced displacement to the attention of the public and political decision-makers. 

In 2020, UAI seeks to find more opportunities for collaboration and to establish a network of people across Europe to link common areas of concern via joint activities. On 25 February 2020, UAI in the UK will be hosting an event entitled “Where is humanity? The human costs of detaining asylum seekers“. A public event on asylum criminalisation is also planned for June 2020 in London. Full details to follow.

If you want to become involved in UAI’s activities on asylum criminalisation, please contact Sarah Hammerl at 

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