Say NO to the inhumanity in Syria!

[Déclaration en français téléchargeable ici]

  • The situation facing the civilian population in north-west Syria is totally unacceptable. Some three million civilians are trapped in Idlib province in freezing winter weather between the onslaught of advancing Syrian and Russian forces, the closed border with Turkey, and abusive opposition forces.
  • The Syrian government and its allies are responsible for a prolonged series of war crimes and for the bulk of civilian casualties. Multiple sources have collected incontrovertible evidence of these war crimes. Local and international opposition forces have also committed atrocities. However, these in no way excuse the commission of crimes by the Syrian government and its allies.
  • The current situation is all the more shocking because of the failure of the United Nations and its member states to take effective action to halt the conflict since it began in 2011.
  • The European Union and other European States are thwarting asylum seekers and not delivering on their responsibilities in line with international refugee law.  
  • What is happening in Syria challenges our common humanity. Silence, indifference and inaction are tantamount to complicity. State signatories to the Geneva Conventions and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights are accomplices if they do not take action to stop the slaughter and ensure the safety of people in need of refuge. Citizens, equally, have a moral obligation not to avert their gaze. 

United Against Inhumanity (UAI) therefore calls on people and civil society organisations everywhere to show their indignation and compassion and: 

1. Add your name to the Declaration below  

2. Take every opportunity to denounce and demand an end to the crimes of all the warring parties

3. Call on the governments of Syria, the Russian Federation and their allies as well as local and other international warring parties to immediately desist from killing and harming civilians.

4. Call on European governments and others, international organisations and NGOs to immediately and dramatically increase their support for Syrian civilians in need of humanitarian protection and assistance. Governments must open their hearts and borders to all in need of refuge and resettlement from this hellish war zone.

5. Call on Turkey to once again demonstrate its humanity and compassion by opening its border to Syrians in desperate need of refuge.

6. Urge governments of countries, particularly in Europe, to acknowledge the role of Turkey in hosting millions of refugees and increase their support to Turkey, as well as to Jordan and to Lebanon, to meet urgent humanitarian needs.

6. Demand that their own governments seek justice for the millions of Syrians who have been killed, maimed and uprooted.

Confronted by the abject failure of states, the United Nations and other international organisations to bring atrocities in Syria to a halt, United Against Inhumanity calls on people from every walk of life, in every country, to add their names to this Declaration.

220 people and 1 organisation have said NO so far:

Mbeng Flixon, Cameroon

Isabella Jean, United States

Madeleine Leroyer, France

Kubra Mertek, Turkey

Alex Jackson, United Kingdom

Dana Zughayyar, Malta

Jean-Pierre Reymond, Switzerland

Aleema Shivji, United Kingdom

Bernadette Niland, Ireland

Someone from Romania

Lajos Pistorius, Germany

Ulla-Maija Finskas, Finland

Nadia Saracini, United Kingdom

Marc Sauvaget, France

Someone from the United Kingdom

Someone from France

Someone from Switzerland

Someone from Morocco

Jean-Pierre Rigal, France

Tuula Arti, France

Lise Dubuc, France

Mauricette Veckerle, France

Laure Tamanini, France

Someone from France

Someone from France

Someone from France

Someone from France

Someone from France

Lionel Brard, France

Anne Cambron, France

Christine Laurain, France

Dominique Gréau, Sweden

Beatrix  Hupkens-van Til, The Netherlands

Juliette Beaudequin, France

Catherine Bidaut, France

Marc Evelyne, France

Mireille Rosenberger, France

Marie-Christine Boinet, France

Céline El Debs, Switzerland

Anna Goos, Germany

Jeanne Donini, Switzerland

Marc Raper, Myanmar

Mohamed El Kouhene, Italy

Karen Alexander, United Kingdom

Bérangère Lenoir, France

Noemie Weimer, France

Nicole Pittet, Switzerland

John Renninger, United States

Someone from Italy

Philippe Ryfman, France

Alex Jackson, United Kingdom

Alex Hamilton, United Kingdom

Dyan Mazurana, United States

Mike Edington, United States

Maura Guerrera, France

Syed Naveed Hussain, United Kingdom

Gianni Rufini, Italy

Geoffrey Reynard, France

Silvia Carneiro G., Peru

Someone from France

Nancy Holohan, United States

Bruna Carvalho, Italy

Someone from Germany

Jocelyne Cumunel, France

Someone from Italy

Barbara Quarta, Italy

Gianni Rufini, Italy

Anne Davies, Switzerland

Someone from the United Kingdom

Andrew Gilmour, United Kingdom

Lajos Pistorius, Germany

Kostas Moschochoritis, Greece

Barbara Siringo, Italy

Clifton Rajesh Grover, Germany

Lance Evoy, Canada

Cyril Cadier, France

Giovanna Letizia La Marca, Italy

Mike Lamsfuß, Germany

Jacinta O’Hagan, Australia

Someone from Afghanistan

Someone from Italy

Nathalie Demierre, France

Someone from France

Tamara Cvetkovic, Bosnia and Herzegowina

Adam Khedrawy, Switzerland

Kama Petruczenko, United Kingdom

Sylviane Binz, Switzerland

Sudhanshu S. Singh, India

Someone in France

Someone in Germany

Yvan Sturm, Switzerland

Rafael Robillard, Argentina

Eusebio F. Giandomenico, Italy

Pier Donini, Switzerland

Antonella Deledda, Italy

Caterina Donini, France

Someone in Switzerland

Julien Donini, France

Federica Scalabrin, France

Tanja Granzow, Germany

Jean-Marc Boivin, France

Emanuele Sommario, Italy

Someone in Lebanon

Jack Mulligan, Germany

Geraldine Niland, Ireland

Someone in Switzerland

Camille Lambert, Switzerland

Yayoi Yamazaki, Japan

Someone in the United States

Esther Oester, Switzerland

Monique Salic, Croatia

Michael Pesci, Croatia

Ruth Riegler, United Kingdom

Conor Carrigan, United States

Mike Noyes, United Kingdom

Someone in Switzerland

Yannick Chauffaut, Switzerland

Urs von Fellenberg, France

Gabriela Guadalajara, Mexico

Valentina Donini, Italy

Someone in Spain

Vanessa Marjoribanks, United Kingdom

Nicola Spafford Furey, Switzerland

Someone in France

Zina Armanazi, Germany

Anne Rieu, France

Malcolm Rolfe, United Kingdom

Dominik Petri, Germany

Bronwen Griffiths, United Kingdom

Nick Biggs, United Kingdom

Someone in France

Laura McGrew, United States

Nancy Klassen, Canada

Susan Rapp, United States

Halimah El Azem, Germany

Virginia Johansson, United States

Someone in the United States

Katka Oelmann, Germany

Someone in the United Kingdom

Braa Abo Yhea, Syrian Arab Republic

Talwyn Oliver, United Kingdom

Wayne Heimbach, United States

Stacy Brown, United States

Sarah Backhouse, United kingdom

Margaret Lynd, Canada

Catharina Lovreglio, Germany

Jemima Williams, United Kingdom

Ian Marvin, United Kingdom

Silvia Hernani dos santos, Brazil

Clare Maxwell, United States

Rimke Majoor, Netherlands

Benjamin Richardier, France

Ron Ockwell, France

James Smith, United Kingdom

Kimberly Howe, France

Alan Keenan, United States

Greg Hansen, Canada

Killian Levacher, Ireland

Cristina Jucker, Italy

Maurice Wren, United Kingdom

Saume Madzin-Kolobh, Senegal

Margaret Heraty, United Kingdom

Someone from the United Kingdom

Bertrand Quinet, France

Salla Turunen, Norway

John Burley, France


Fabienne Fauquembergue, France

Nancy El-Shatoury, United Kingdom

Miles Wickstead, United Kingdom

Eleanor Pritchard, United Kingdom

Michael Lenehan, Ireland

Caroline Hunt-Matthes, France

Rebecca Star, United States

Joyce Maxwell, United States

Fanny Del, France

Berhane Woldegabriel, United Kingdom

Matthieu Simonard, France

Mark Duffield, United Kingdom

Jane Yeoman, United Kingdom

Emilie Larese-Silvestre, France

Luellen Delorme Kazan, United States

Edward Mortimer, United Kingdom

Guillaume Noailly, France

Lucie Girard, France

Philippe Villeval, France

Bernard Michel, France

Jean-Baptiste Richardier, France

Nordine Boulasladj, France

Maxwell Gaylard, Australia

Mark Bowden, United Kingdom

Sarah Beeching, United Kingdom

Lola Gostelow, United Kingdom

Gregory Gottlieb, United States

George Graham , United Kingdom

Máiréad Collins, Ireland

Yazan Douedari, United Kingdom

Stefanie Grant, United Kingdom

Sean Lowrie, United Kingdom

Patrick Maxwell, United States

Sarah Hammerl, Germany

David Wardrop, United Kingdom

Dan Maxwell, United States

Martin Barber, United Kingdom

Thomas G. Weiss, United States

Ralf Trapp, France

Nino Sergi, Italy

Hamza Rankousi, Syrian Arab Republic

Aref Razouk, Turkey

Kathleen Levacher, Ireland

Françoise Donini Pizard, France

Tracey Myers, United Kingdom

Gill Grunwald, United Kingdom

Randolph Kent, United Kingdom

Martin Quack, Germany

Antonio Donini, Switzerland

Angela Raven-Roberts, United Kingdom

Ross Mountain, New Zealand

Christine Grandjean, France

Violetta Donini, France

Norah Niland, Switzerland

Severine Ougier, Switzerland

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