Update UK – May 2020

Ms Mona Mustapha Mahmoud

It is with profound sadness that UAI in the UK announces the death, on 11 April 2020, of our beloved friend and colleague, Mona, founding member of the Association and founding member of its Committee. A page in her memory can be found here

Inhumanities in asylum

  1. Detention of asylum-seekers

On 25 February, we held an event on “Where is humanity? The human costs of detaining asylum-seekers”. A report on the event is available here and on-the-day presentations can be downloaded below:

  1. Asylum criminalisation

UAI in the UK is part of UAI’s international network responding to the alarming rise in efforts by some European governments to criminalise asylum-seekers and the people who assist them. We are planning an event, in collaboration with ODI in London, to explore the latest research and advocacy on this issue, and to engage members of ODI’s extensive networks in the advocacy effort. The event is expected to take place in July.

Education in Emergencies

UAI in the UK is collaborating with the London Business School on a project looking at the costs of lost education suffered by those caught up in war situations, and the opportunities for innovative approaches to remedying the problem, with a specific focus on secondary education for Syrian refugee girls in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Four MBA students are taking part and will report their findings at the end of May.

Say No to Inhumanity in Syria

On 13 February, UAI issued its Declaration “Say No to Inhumanity in Syria”, and on 18 February, UAI in the UK wrote to Minister of State in the Foreign Office, James Cleverly urging the British government to intervene to prevent further atrocities.

The Minister responded on 17 April. His letter can be read here. We welcome the Minister’s comprehensive response and are pressing him to put the whole weight of the UK Government behind the appeal by the UN Secretary-General for a global ceasefire, including of course in Syria.

UAI and COVID-19

In support of UAI’s Statement on Covid-19 of 25 March, UAI in the UK is hosting an initiative to promote calls for immediate ceasefires in all armed conflicts. We are also pressing donors to contribute generously to multilateral efforts to strengthen local capacities to counter the effects of the virus.

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