Save The Date | Inhumanity in Tigray and beyond: Context and responsibilities. What can be done?

Join us on 26 October 2021, 17.00 – 18.30 Sala Stampa Agenzia DIRE – Corso d’Italia 38A – Rome Please register at to join in person or to receive a Zoom link


Alessandra FABBRETTI, Journalist Agenzia DIRE


Alex de WAAL, Executive Director at the World Peace Foundation, Fletcher School, Tufts University, Starvation in Tigray: Causes and Culpabilities

Gabriella VENTURINI, Professor Emerita of International Law, University of Milan, Challenges in establishing responsibility for the crimes committed (in Italian)

Antonio DONINI, Co-founder of United Against Inhumanity, Why inhumanity in Ethiopia concerns us all (in Italian) Q&A Simultaneous Italian-English translation will be available


Since the end of 2020, appalling atrocities are being committed against civilians in the Ethiopian region of Tigray and beyond. The actions of Ethiopia, Eritrea and nonState actors have created a crisis with devastating humanitarian consequences, with at least 2 million displaced. The UN and other International Organizations have been unable to stop the fighting and secure access to those in need of help. In order to understand what options are available to halt the conflict and mitigate the suffering, it is key to understand its root causes, the actors involved and the legal framework applicable. Urgent action is needed. International public opinion can no longer idly stand by. Concerned citizens everywhere can engage in efforts to halt these atrocities and mitigate the suffering of the affected populations.

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