EVENT – 23 JANUARY: Anarchy, Displacement and Destitution: What Future for Myanmar?

Monday 23rd. January 2023

18:30 to 20:30 (GMT)


Since the military coup in Myanmar in February 2021, the situation for ordinary people in the country has become more and more desperate. What can be done?

The Diplomacy Society at University College London, in collaboration with UAI in the UK, will host a HYBRID WEBINAR to explore this question.

Please join us for this important online event. To register, click on the Registration link below.


Participants are as follows:


Dr Melanie Garson – Associate Professor (Teaching) in Conflict Resolution & International Security at UCL


‘Alexia’ – Activist from Myanmar
Min Ye Kyaw – Journalist from Myanmar
Adelina Kamal – Formerly of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

Sir Charles Petrie – Former UN Resident Coordinator in Myanmar
Dr Jeff Crisp – Former head of policy at UNHCR and Committee member of UAI in the UK
Florence Duchet – Recent UCL graduate and volunteer with UAI


The event will start with a presentation about the current situation in Myanmar, including an analysis of how it has developed and how it compares with earlier periods under military rule. 

There will be a special focus on the student-led uprising (and its consequences) and consideration of the situation of the Rohingya, both those in Myanmar and those living as refugees in Bangladesh and other countries in the region.

In the final segment, panellists will look at the options for the future and the attitudes of external actors including ASEAN, regional powers, such as China and India, the UN, and Western states.


Useful information for this meeting can be found in articles by Sir Charles Petrie, Florence Duchet, and Dr Jeff Crisp & Heeba Hasan on UAI’s website. See below for links to each of the articles.

Myanmar is falling apart. It needs urgent attention from the United Nations – By Charles Petrie

Myanmar is Descending into Anarchy, Atrocities, and Destitution: What can be done? – By Florence Duchet

Displaced, dispossessed and deprived of rights: The Rohingya of Myanmar – By Jeff Crisp and Heeba Hasan

Photo credit: Rohingya refugees entering Bangladesh in 2017 having been driven out of Myanmar. (UN)

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