100 Organisations call on European governments to Stop the Inhumanity at Europe’s Borders

On 19 February, Shabaka, a diaspora-led organisation, became the 100th signatory to the Stop the Inhumanity at Europe’s Borders campaign and its Collective Demand for Action.

The campaign had been launched in London (Watch the video report here), with a concomitant action in Geneva.

As Shabaka describes itself, “we are a diaspora-led organisation focused on the role of diaspora and migrants in humanitarian preparedness, response, and recovery.  Shabaka specialises in research, policy, and practice, contributing to knowledge on the role of diasporas and migrants in humanitarian action. We provide information and insights to local, national, and international actors on how diaspora communities back local actors’ first response to humanitarian crisis and the transition to longer term development. 

Diaspora and migrant communities, networks, and organisations are actively involved in migrant protection in countries of origin as well as in settlement countries. This includes support for refugees and asylum-seekers as a result of border management and asylum policies and practices in the EU and the UK.”

Shabaka – Logo

Find the names of the 99 other organisations that have joined the campaign here. If your organisation has not yet signed, please do so filling in the application form here.

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