“Urgently needed: a spirit of solidarity and collective action” Update – May 2020

On March 25, UAI issued a statement calling for immediate actions, in a spirit of solidarity, to address the unprecedented risks posed by Covid-19 threats to humanity at large. UAI believes that the virus can only be overcome through collective action and that ‘social distancing’ as a preemptive measure to prevent the virus from spreading does not mean pushing humans back into the sea or leaving them to be bombarded from planes flying at a great distance above them.

UAI called for specific actions through meaningful international co-operation with dedicated financial and technical support for nations most at risk, including those with weak health care and economic systems, and for people seeking asylum or suffering from protracted conflicts such as in Yemen, Syria, and Libya. UAI made six specific demands including an unconditional ceasefire in all armed conflict settings, such as Afghanistan, DRC, Libya, Syria and Yemen, and providing equal support to asylum seekers, refugees and citizens. 

UAI has since created a Covid-19 section on its website with commentary and analyses by members as well as external materials published by other organisations and independent analysts.

In this Update we cover the following UAI news and initiatives:

Ms Mona Mustapha Mahmoud

Syria advocacy

Syria advocacy

What happens after the Covid-19 pandemic ends? UAI in the UK update
Asylum Criminalisation

Annual General Assembly (GA)

✍️🎤 Blogs/Interviews: ideas and inputs needed

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