UAI Statement on Ethiopia – 12 July 2022

Ensuring Protection in Ethiopia

In January 2022 UAI marked the occasion of Ethiopian Christmas by
calling for urgent initiatives to address the causes of the conflict that
had then been raging for 14 months. We called for immediate steps to
meet essential needs for protection and assistance, and we identified
several issues common to many modern conflicts that required urgent
international attention.

Six months after that statement (link to UAI statement of January
2022), UAI renews these calls. In a linked blog, published today, Angela Raven-
Roberts places these urgent messages in their political and socio-
economic context. She identifies opportunities to intensify actions to
promote peace and security. We repeat our call for further
international focused action to address specific areas of crisis and
need, under the following three headings:

I. Peacebuilding

UAI calls for:
  • Cessation of all hostilities, withdrawal of all foreign troops, and
    implementation of ceasefire agreements.
  • Support for a widening of the National Dialogue process to
    broader participation of representatives of political parties,
    armed groups, youth, women, elders, faith-based organizations,
    and media
  • Support for peace-building initiatives led by local communities
    to re-build confidence among neighbours of different identities
  • Sufficient long-term funding for relevant constitution building
    agencies such as the Forum on Federations to ensure their vital
    contributions to constitutional reform
  • Long term funding for civic and media organizations promoting
    peace and knowledge sharing on indigenous community peace
    building and reconciliation practices.

II. Humanitarian Assistance and Protection

UAI calls for:
  • Accelerated funding and access for humanitarian aid to besieged
    and drought affected regions.
  • Restoration of communications and basic services to Tigray
  • Establishment of African Union (AU) or other mutually agreed
    protection mechanisms in Western Tigray and other contested

III. Human Rights and Justice

UAI calls for:
  • Scrupulously independent investigations of alleged atrocities by
    all sides in the conflict and agreement on mechanisms for
    accountability for crimes committed
  • An end to the use of hate-filled rhetoric to demonize ‘others’
  • Urgent initiatives to identify ways to prevent the unregulated
    use of social media platforms to amplify the reach of hate-filled

The International Executive Committee
United Against Inhumanity (UAI)

July 2022

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