A Year of Peace and Respect for Humanity; looking forward to 2023 – Newsletter December 2022

The first UN resolution on the conflict in Myanmar was passed on 21 December 2022. Only China, India and the Russian Federation abstained. © UN: Manuel Elias

31 December 2022

Dear UAI friends,
As we reach the end of a year that brought so much horror and suffering to people in Ukraine, their cousins in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Myanmar, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, plus those in many other countries endured another year of war, wanton destruction and loss of life and opportunity. They wondered why their country had to suffer these horrors. Why could they not enjoy the peace that others take for granted?
In this issue, our Editor talks of Horror and Hope, and we look forward with new energy to 2023.

Click HERE to read the Editor’s Message.


First up in 2023 is an event in collaboration with the Diplomacy Society of University College London on Myanmar on Monday 23 January at 6.30 pm.

Please save the date. Registration details will follow.
As background, please click below to read a recent article by Charles Petrie on the UAI website. Further reflections on the situation in Myanmar were published last month; one by Jeff Crisp and Heeba Hasan and one by Florence Duchet. Both articles are in the News Section of the UAI website.

Myanmar is falling apart. It needs urgent attention from the United Nations – By Charles Petrie


Afghanistan will continue to be front and centre of our focus.

Please click HERE to read an update on our work to Unfreeze Afghanistan’s Frozen Reserves.


Asylum in Europe

The right to seek asylum in Europe will be a top priority in 2023. We sense a growing recognition all over the continent that current policies and practices towards those seeking asylum are gratuitously cruel, demean our values, and are designed to portray people in desperate need of help as criminals who have no right to a life of dignity.

These attitudes must and will change.


Conference in Dublin in November 2022 on the Use of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas

UAI joined others in Dublin on 18 November in celebrating the adoption by 82 countries of the Political Declaration on the use of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas.

We will be following this file in 2023, to see how we can best contribute to encouraging more countries to adopt the Declaration and introduce the changes to military doctrine and practice that the Declaration requires.


Finally, we wish all our readers a happy and fulfilling year in 2023.

A Request

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Thank You,
The UAI team

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