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As United Against Inhumanity (UAI) approaches the first anniversary of its founding, we highlight in this Update some of our main initiatives. See below.

At UAI we simply refuse that deliberate attacks against civilians in today’s wars and the atrocities encountered by those who flee these attacks should be accepted as ‘normal’. Just as governments’ inaction in response to climate change can no longer be tolerated, so the inaction of the same governments faced with persistently inhumane and illegal behaviour by belligerents in today’s wars must be relentlessly denounced by citizens who care about the safety, well-being and dignity of their fellow human beings in every part of the world.

From our multiple blogs, news and posts on social media to writing to the former UK Foreign Secretary urging him to do far more to address the horrendous breaches of IHL and IRL witnessed in Syria, UAI reaches out and engages in advocacy on issues of concern. We encourage people everywhere to join us. Sign up on our website, follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter, get together with friends and colleagues to join one of our groups or set one up yourselves. Submit a blog post on an issue of inhumanity in war or asylum that concerns you personally directly at  

In this Update we cover the following UAI initiatives:

Asylum isn’t a crime! ©War Zone Sign Independent Humanitarian Watch (IHW)
Refugees, Activists and Humanitarians – all criminals?   News from Italy
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News from the UK

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