Ukraine – Newsletter March 2022


Dear Friends,

Last night, UAI issued a Statement on Ukraine. Click below to read it in full.

Amongst the barrage of news about the horrific events in Ukraine, UAI is focusing on several aspects of the situation that may not receive sufficient attention.

1. Justice – If the perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity are to be successfully prosecuted, mechanisms must be put in place from the start to collect and process evidence. We were pleased to hear that the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has already opened a preliminary investigation and despatched a team to the region. We believe that an independent, international, investigative mechanism (IIIM), on the lines of that set up for Syria, should also be put in place.

2. Non-discrimination – The welcome offered to Ukrainian nationals crossing into European countries is laudable, but we have been shocked by reports of abusive treatment at border crossings of foreign residents of Ukraine. This must stop.

3. Social media – Experience from other recent and ongoing conflicts highlights the sometimes pernicious role of social media platforms in amplifying hate speech and disinformation. Concerted action is needed to address this.  

But above all, UAI is calling for an end to hostilities and an opening of substantive dialogue towards peace.

The UN General Assembly resolution of 2 March, which only three other countries (DPRK, Eritrea, and Syria) joined Russia and Belarus in opposing, demonstrates the overwhelming international opposition to the Russian invasion.

What can you do? 

Click below to access the Resources Note issued with our Statement on Ukraine. There you will find details of reputable relief organisations to which you can donate and a suggested text to use to ask your elected representative to support the initiatives that UAI is proposing. 

We cannot remain silent.

3 March 2022

Photo: Shutterstock People at the railway station in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv waiting for a train to Poland – February 26, 2022

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