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UAI’s Myanmar Task Team was formed two years after the coup of February 2021. Since the coup, thousands of protesters have been arrested, tens of thousands of people have been killed or wounded, and hundreds of thousands displaced. The Myanmar junta is regularly attacking villages and communities with indiscriminate artillery shelling and mortar fire as well as by air with jets and helicopter gunships. Large scale war crimes and crimes against humanity are being committed. The international community’s response has been confused and uncoordinated.

The Task Team brings together a diverse set of individuals with different focuses, including the situation of the Rohingya, how to support local governance and what is the role of the international community, in particular China, in the multi-faceted conflict in Myanmar. The Task Team is also committed to supporting the young generation of activists from Myanmar who are fighting against the military.

If you are in any way following the situation in Myanmar and would like to join hands with us, get in touch:

Ma Phyu Ma, a 37-year-old internally displaced Rohingya woman, stands amidst debris left behind by Cyclone Mocha in her village. © UNHCR/Reuben Lim Wende
Blogs and opinions

No shelter from the storm: the Rohingya remaining in Myanmar – By Antony Allen

In August 2017, the Myanmar military launched a genocidal assault on the country’s Rohingya population, a Muslim minority who are not recognized as citizens and who have been subject to egregious forms of state discrimination and persecution for many years. Antony Allen reminds readers as to specific and dramatic conditions of the Rohingya who have not fled Myanmar and live under military persecution.

Rohingya refugees from Myanmar entering Bangladesh. 2017
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EVENT – 23 JANUARY: Anarchy, Displacement and Destitution: What Future for Myanmar?

Monday 23rd. January 2023 18:30 to 20:30 (GMT) THIS EVENT IS FREE Since the military coup in Myanmar in February 2021, the situation for ordinary people in the country has become more and more desperate. What can be done? The Diplomacy Society at University College London, in collaboration with UAI in the UK, will host…

Displaced, dispossessed and deprived of rights: The Rohingya of Myanmar – By Jeff Crisp and Heeba Hasan
Blogs and opinions

Displaced, dispossessed and deprived of rights: The Rohingya of Myanmar – By Jeff Crisp and Heeba Hasan

The Rohingya are a population in constant peril. Subjected to terrible inhumanities in Myanmar, and as refugees in Bangladesh and other countries in the region, they are crying out for respect and rights. In their article, Crisp and Hassan ask if anybody is listening

News about Myanmar

Below is a list of published articles and reports providing a context and timeline of the issue at hand. If you are covering the issue please do get in touch with us at .

Opinion: A new aid model can better assist communities in pariah states Charles Petrie, Scott Guggenheim, devex, 6 June 2023

Local community key to delivering Myanmar aid Charles Petrie, The Bangkok Post, 11 May 2023

How the media helped shape a negative perception of the Rohingya Jeff Crisp, Shafiur Rahman, Chris Gunness, Reazur Rahman Lenin, Maung Zerni, The Daily Star, 3 May 2023

Spotlight – Myanmar’s Resistance Forces Take on Governance Michael Martin, CSIS Centre for Strategic & International Strategies, 4 April 2023

The UN can no longer play dumb to its manipulation by the Myanmar military Mathew Fraser, Frontier Myanmar, 31 March 2023

Meet the women fighting Myanmar’s junta Emily Fishbein, JC, The New Humanitarian, 12 January 2023