Afghanistan Frozen Funds Campaign

United Against Inhumanity (UAI) launched (March 2022) its campaign to reverse policies, led by the US and some European countries, to freeze – inhibit access to – the sovereign external reserves of Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), the country’s central bank.

These assets belong to the Afghan people who had no say in the return (August 2021) of the Taliban to power in Kabul. The arbitrary seizure of these assets was, and is, a key factor in the decimation of the Afghan economy and the collapse of Afghan banking sector. A critical role of central banks everywhere is price stability and curbing inflation that, invariably, hits the poor hardest.

The result of policies that hobble the DAB include catastrophic levels of poverty and hunger with some two-thirds of the population now dependent on humanitarian support for survival. Unprecedented levels of deprivation have increased indebtedness, displacement and the troubling use of negative coping mechanisms whereby young girls are exchanged in marriage so that other children can be fed. 

UAI calls for the immediate, internationally monitored, and phased release of some US$9.1 billion that belong to the Afghan people.

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NGO letter on Afghanistan to World Bank

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August 2022 Campaign Statement

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Two people clad in women's garb (long black dresses covering the head). One is holding a wheelbarrow filled with white bags. Some other people are visible in the background. The picture was taken outside on a sunny day.
Photo © WFP / Marco Di Lauro. Women move food from a distribution site on the outskirts of Herat, Afghanistan in 2021.

A child is crouching next to a kettle boiling on a open pit wood-fire. The child is looking over their shoulder to the person taking the picture. There are personal belongings scattered on the floor around the child.
Photo © UNICEF / Sayed Bidel. Children sitting around a wood-fire in the middle of a family camp, in Afghanistan in January 2022.

May 2022 Campaign Update

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3 children standing in a a dirt-road alleyway.
Photo © UNHCR / Andrew McConnell.

UAI Statement (7th March 2022)

Frozen assets, Desperate Afghans – Immediate Action is needed

Afghanistan UNHCR photo camp
Blogs and opinions

Afghanistan: Economic warfare displaces armed conflict as the core threat to survival – Atlas of Wars article by Antonio Donini

Antonio Donini, co-founder and member of the International Executive Committee of UAI, wrote this article for Atlas of Wars. It was published on the Atlas of Wars website on the 30 April 2022.  Afghanistan is regularly portrayed as “the graveyard of empires”. The British, Soviets and now the US-led coalition have tried and failed to impose their rule…

Afghanistan Campaign – Newsletter March 2022
Blogs and opinions | Newsletter

Afghanistan Campaign – Newsletter March 2022

9 March 2022 Dear Friends and Supporters Yesterday, UAI launched a major campaign to persuade President Biden , government leaders in Germany, Italy and the UK, and the Bank for International Settlements to release reserves belonging to the Afghan Central Bank. Assets with a total value of $9.1 billion are currently frozen in bank accounts…

News on the frozen Afghan funds

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